Creating special memories

//Creating special memories

It is very good to have the school back in full swing again after half term.  I always feel these are the best few weeks in the academic year.  There are so many special events and the atmosphere within the school is at its best.  That said, we are in the middle of Common Entrance as I write, so there is a bit of tension within our top year.  They have been so well prepared I have every confidence that candidates will do themselves justice. Speaking of doing justice, I was delighted to receive over half term an email from an eminent head of a senior school who had recently visited Eton and had seen the list of Kings Scholars displayed at the main entrance of the school.  He wrote, “I was seriously impressed to see that about 15% of those listed came from Windlesham House School.  Wow!” High praise indeed!

It is a very special moment for the Ones when their final exam is over – I can still recall that moment myself!  I have the honour of entertaining the whole year group for the rest of the morning.  We then have our traditional MFT Picnic.  Weather permitting; it is a very memorable occasion with a sea of families enjoying picnics in the beautiful Italian gardens.  The evening kicks off with Windlesham Rocks and some of our most talented musicians take to the stage in front of a full house.  For many, it is their last chance to do a solo performance, so the emotions run high but in a very good way.

It is then off to the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside for all our Ones.  They have a week’s camping but my goodness they do have fun.  If they needed bonding then this is where it is all cemented in preparation for their final run into the end of term.

For the rest of the school I always think next week is very telling; it is the chance, whilst the Ones are away, for our new top year really to put down a marker and impress us all.  I have good reason to believe this year group are going to do this in a big way.


Richard Foster

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  1. Barry Mohtadi May 7, 2019 at 1:49 am - Reply

    I came to Windlesham when my previous school, Springfield Park closed and some of the remaining students at that school were transferred to Windlesham. The headmaster at Springfield Park, Mr. Selwyn ( and his family) were also invited to join, and he was appointed to be the deputy headmaster at Windlesham. This was in the autumn term of 1956. The headmaster of Windlesham was a man by the name of John Malden – if my memory serves me correctly. John Malden was the elder brother of Charles Malden who later succeeded him. I believe that John passed away soon thereafter, and Charles and his very attractive wife succeeded him. I can go on with more stories about the history of Windlesham House, but perhaps at another time.
    There is a great deal of history associated with the Malden family, one of which is the name of the Islands in the Indian Ocean that were named after them. It would be wonderful to expand the story of the school history so that the current and future students would be proud of their school. I took my Common Entrance and attended St. Paul’s School in London in 1958. I played cricket, rugby, and soccer while attending Widlesham as well as being a prefect and singing in the choir. I now live in Dallas Texas and hope to visit Windlesham in the near future.

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