C.E. Celebrations…

//C.E. Celebrations…

The process of receiving CE results is never straight forward and I find it fascinating how each school varies so much in its delivery let alone their grading systems.

At the end of the day it remains very exciting and there are few better feelings for a Prep School Head, a Houseparent and a subject specialist teacher to see a child surpass ones expectations. This years results have given us cause to be ecstatic.

Yesterday at dawn I set off for Oxford to meet up with our Ones (Year 8) who have been on their Bushcraft Activity week.  What a place, I felt I was back in the African bush.  As I approached their tented camp they all emerged from their hideouts to great me very warmly but understandably the nerves were written all over them.   The release of emotion when I announced the good news was, as it always is, very memorable.  Never have I had so many hugs.  It certainly made the journey worthwhile.  Half an hour later I was on my way back to Windlesham.  Thank goodness I chose not to return on the M25 because my deadline of being back at school to host a lunch party for all our new Transition parents would never have worked.

We had a lovely lunch and I like to think that the parents went away feeling very happy about the big step their children and indeed themselves will be making in September.

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