A special time of year…

//A special time of year…

It has been an exhausting couple of weeks since I did a write up.  The Ones seemed to survive their mock exams and whilst the weather has changed for the worse our spirits have been raised by the quality of what has been produced at all age levels.

Every year I think what a privilege it is to be able to work alongside such talented youngsters and colleagues to make two very special Carol services happen and this year was no exception.

I’m not sure we always take time to appreciate all the different parts that are played to pull off such magical evenings.

From the choosing of the choir music and congregational carols,  the composing and arranging of beautiful, heart-warming pieces such as ‘Love Came down at Christmas’ , the reading of the lessons, the printing of the programmes , the playing of the organ, the sending out of invitations, the organisation of the chapel ……..the list goes on….so many people involved in making something extraordinary happen …….but on the night , after all the rehearsals have happened and  the congregation has arrived  and settled in , it it is left to the children and the adults in the choir and those who read the lessons to make the magic happen.

With the organ playing and the conductor controlling and shaping their voices with crescendos and diminuendos, two truly wonderful services took place.

Speaking to visitors and parents on both evenings and even today huddled under umbrellas there were so many beautiful compliments being made about the clarity and diction of the readers and the ‘best sounding’ choir ever, that everyone involved should be feeling very proud of what they achieved this week.

We now have all the end of term festivities to look forward to and somehow, I feel these are even more deserved than usual!

Time for me to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas and Best wishes for 2019.

Richard Foster

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