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Policy Statement

Overarching Aims and Goals
Updated: September 2017

Responsible Member of Staff: Headmaster, Richard Foster
Responsible Governor: Chairman, Adam Perry

Statement of Goals and Purpose

As a school we have two simple aims:

• To provide an exceptionally high quality, aspirational, all round education
• To nurture all our children in an atmosphere which replicates the closest family

These aims, when met, ensure that children leave us:

• Happy and secure, in every sense, about what and who they are
• Successful in having developed an excellent work ethic and achieving the highest academic standards possible within each one of them
• Aware of their potential in all spheres of school life and well on the way to fulfilling it
• Socially confident without being arrogant
• Good citizens with a strong moral code
• Environmentally aware and proactive
• Model digital citizens and responsible users of technology
• Resilient and adaptable, having learned independence, interdependence and tolerance
• Grounded, having made life-long friends and learned to understand and accommodate people’s differences
• Accomplished, having tried, and in many cases achieved, significant success in, a great variety of activities
• Brave, having learned to take and manage risk, physically and academically
• Curious, helpful, clever, imaginative and kind

As a charity our purpose is to ensure that our unique approach is made widely available through bursaries and in partnership with maintained schools and other educational institutions.

Our 14 Core Policy Statements


Nothing is more important to us at Windlesham than the safety of the children entrusted to our care at the School and on away visits. We maintain a robust and comprehensive set of procedures to ensure that physical and social risks are minimised and that all regulatory requirements are met; many of these apply equally to adults on site. However, children will learn to evaluate risk for themselves better if they are not cocooned, so we encourage and manage potentially risky activities such as tree climbing. Our procedures are subject to regular independent inspection and audit.

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Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Policy (01.01) (including Child Protection Referral Chart)
Anti-Bullying Policy (03.01) 

Teaching and Learning

At Windlesham, academic excellence is at the core of everything we do. All children are encouraged and given the freedom to fulfil their own potential, whether for an academic, sporting, art or music scholarship, or to assimilate the curriculum confidently.

Welfare and Boarding

Life at Windlesham is comfortable, cosy, happy and fun. We provide a strong family atmosphere amongst the children and the Houseparents which allows them to develop independence, a strong understanding of community, and gives them friends for life. Our pupils have the freedom to learn to love life in a secure and safe environment.


Windlesham welcomes all children, regardless of background, belief or ethnicity, who will benefit from our ethos of providing a well-rounded education with exceptional pastoral care and opportunities for developing many talents. We admit on the basis of potential as determined by interview, informal assessment and references.

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Admissions Policy (05.02)


At Windlesham, we provide children with the opportunity to take part in an extremely wide range of activities. This allows children to try many things, to find out what they are good at and enjoy. Apart from simply providing for a happy childhood this is important for personal development, self-confidence and to support academic work.


At Windlesham, we recognise that in order to achieve our aims, it is of fundamental importance to attract, recruit and retain staff of the highest calibre who share our commitment. We are committed to providing a supportive and flexible working environment to all our members of staff.

ICT and E-safety

At Windlesham, ICT is an integral part of day to day life and has an impact on every child and staff member. We aim for our children to be digital natives and they get the opportunity to use ICT in their academic and extra-curricular life at School. We have robust systems in place to keep our children safe whilst using technology at School, and we educate them in avoiding the potential dangers in their digital lives outside School.

Catering and Food Hygiene

At Windlesham, we provide a well-balanced and good variety of nutritious food to encourage children to develop healthy eating habits for life, with a good understanding of food and nutrition. We meet the needs of active, growing children and young people who require plenty of wholesome food and regular meals, drinks and snacks throughout their day.


Windlesham is committed to education for social responsibility and recognizes the importance of sustainable practices (in running the School) for the benefit of our environment. We aim to manage resources as efficiently as possible and to educate our School community to live more responsibly. We promote and practise environmental awareness and aim to develop active citizens who will flourish and make a positive contribution to society.

Collective Worship

Windlesham’s All Saints Chapel lies at the heart of the School and one of the most crucial aspects of the school’s provision is the moral and religious education which the children receive. Our worship is essentially Anglican but the overall approach is broadly inter-denominational. Parents from non-Christian backgrounds are welcome to discuss individual provision for their children with the Head and they may be excused from religious worship, which otherwise we expect our children to attend.


Our paramount financial aim is to ensure that we generate sufficient funds to cover not only operational costs and maintaining the fabric of the buildings, but also to develop the facilities of the School. The Windlesham Foundation also raises additional capital and bursary funds which are segregated in all accounting reports.

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Donations policy (05.06)

Crisis Management

The School should be capable of satisfactorily managing foreseeable and unforeseeable crises on or off-site, particularly those affecting boarders’ welfare, and we regularly review planned responses to a range of foreseeable incidents such as outbreaks of illness, fires, serious allegations, complaints or significant accidents.


We aim to be at the forefront of best practice in governance among independent schools, charities and similar organisations. The Governors aim fully to meet their responsibilities for the activities of the School without interfering with the Headmaster’s executive control.


We need to ensure that we act in line with the wishes of parents, children and the community at large. To that end we welcome feedback to which we respond in a structured way. We also instigate surveys to assess the views of parents and other interest groups.

Click here to download our Complaints Policy and Procedure (01.20)

Copies of all the other separate Policies & Procedures that support our Core Policies are available upon request.  Email eharris@windlesham.com

Our policies can be made available in larger print or in a more accessible format if required.

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