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Windlesham’s Summer School for children from overseas runs for the last four weeks of the Summer Term.  Primarily an intensive English course, it also includes a wide variety of activities to provide a unique experience of life in an English prep school.

Collaboration with a number of colleagues means that the timetable also offers ICT, Music and swimming, amongst other things, as well as the chance to go out and about in the Sussex countryside. One of the main successes this year was Art. The various projects proved a huge hit with the children, whether or not they counted themselves as good artists.

The first project was producing a clay tile depicting the school, which was fired and glazed as a colourful memento of their visit. The children made their Windlesham tiles from scratch, cutting the clay, drawing their outlines with a pin and painting and then glazing their landscapes. They then had a great souvenir of school which was easy to transport.

Next, each child was photographed and, using this photo, they made copies by shading the back and then carefully outlining their face from the front of the photo to produce an accurate outline on another sheet of paper. The outline was then traced in black pen and photocopied several times to work with.  Using a variety of colours and shades, the children painted with inks to produce various colour effects such as stripes or washes to create different moods for their self-portraits.

Finally they also worked with the iPads, developing their art works further, showing how the role of IT in Art can create a huge range of pictures in many different and exciting ways.  They could then experiment easily with their favourite effects, and store or discard as much as they wanted.

During these sessions, the children’s vocabulary substantially increased as they learnt the different words and phrases they needed for the projects.  They had to listen carefully to instructions, which was a great way of improving their understanding as well as learning new skills.  They had to watch demonstrations of techniques and then be able to carry them out themselves. This appealed to all kinds of learners.  The children had easily portable artworks to take home to remember their experience. A great result! Roll on next year!

Many thanks to Miranda Clark for devising and running the Art sessions.

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