Monthly Archives: June 2014


Vintage Term

By | 2014-06-27T14:11:02+00:00 June 27th, 2014|Headmaster's Thoughts|

Before the end of term is upon us I cannot miss the opportunity to claim what a truly vintage term this has been. They say success breeds success and we are witnessing this first hand [...]

Sports Day Approaching

By | 2014-06-10T14:09:22+00:00 June 10th, 2014|Sports|

It has been wonderful having this spell of lovely weather. I was so pleased it started on the day I gave the school their half day to celebrate our record number of scholarships which coincided [...]

Back to School

By | 2014-06-04T14:07:04+00:00 June 4th, 2014|Back To School|

After a very quiet half term it is lovely to have the school back in full swing. We go to the trouble of bringing back all our C.E. candidates for half a day to calm [...]

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