We have never been busier!

I was rather alarmed to realise that my last blog was over three months ago! I owe an apology to all concerned. My only excuse is that it is indicative of how the days and weeks are racing by, which has never been unusual but with my immanent retirement closing in everything seems to be gathering speed. So much for the expression ‘winding down’ – nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t believe either myself or Rachel have ever been busier.

The end of the Christmas term was memorable to say the least, and events such as the Carol Service and Christmas Concert will live long in the memory. I dare say my renowned Headmaster’s Disco will remain in the minds of all the pupils.

Our family Christmas here at Windlesham was so special for obvious reasons but never more so than the reality that it was the last occasion we will all be together as a family at the school. Our youngest son, Sam, is happily installed as Director of Sport at the Banda School in Nairobi so it is highly unlikely that he will be back before July. Ironically, we are looking forward to hosting his girls’ netball team on their UK tour towards the end of this term.

The realisation of how much we are going to miss our wonderful apartment in the heart of the school hit home and we are under no illusions as to how difficult it is going to be to drive away for the last time come July.

The onset of the New Year has made our retirement date very much a reality and we are determined to enjoy every remaining moment. I am delighted to say the new term has begun in that manner. The children returned full of enthusiasm and I could not be more pleased with the atmosphere within the school. As it happens not only are our Boys 1st XI Football Team the best I have had in my tenure but so too are our 1st XV Rugby Team. They have enjoyed unbeaten seasons which is a great achievement given what a competitive circuit we have in Sussex. Not to be outdone our Senior Girls Netball won our Tournament last week which was well deserved.

Our Cross Country runners are also exceeding themselves this year and this bodes well for next term’s athletics.

We are now approaching the academic scholarship season and as I speak, our first candidates are sitting their preliminary exams. We have scholarship candidates to no fewer than twelve different schools this year. On top of this, we again have a good number of our top year hoping to be recognised for their exceptional Art, Drama, ICT, Music and Sport talents.

Exciting times and much to keep me occupied as a Headmaster!