Windlesham shortlisted for a T.E.S award

As always it is a real pleasure to have the school back in full swing after this Easter holiday. I have said many times there can be fewer more ideal settings than Windlesham for the Summer term; it is a fabulous environment for Prep School children to work and play hard. I write this blog whilst children are playing golf on our excellent nine-hole course, our grass tennis courts are up and running and the sound of bat and ball in the cricket nets is so good to hear.

I was delighted to return to school myself and see the Scholarship Honours Board updated, our tally of 20 scholarships to date is very pleasing indeed and there are good prospects of several more to very prestigious Senior Schools.

Our provision for ICT has happily been recognised by the T.E.S and we have been short listed for one of their special awards. The ceremony and announcement take place towards the end of June. Watch this space!

Since my last entry several things have happened that I should not allow to pass by without comment.

After much analysis and soul searching with both my SLT and several very engaged Governors we have taken the decision to introduce Part-Time boarding for Years 3 to 6. In many respects this is a profound sea change for Windlesham and I was personally somewhat nervous as to how the news would be greeted by the current parent body. On the other hand it demonstrates very well what a forward thinking school Windlesham is. It would be so wrong not to react to the changing market. It very much has my blessing and is, I believe another legacy I will look back on with pride and a smile on my face especially if it means an escalation in interest for boarding at a younger age.
By all accounts the decision has been very well received and places are starting quickly to be filled.

There is so much to look forward to over the next few months. School exams beckon which are of course very important to our planning for next year. I like the fact that the staff can then concentrate on teaching and there is no sense of winding down which is a problem when exams are so much later in the term.

Richard Foster

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