Head of Day Pupils: Sarah Sutherland

Windlesham has a happy and thriving community of day pupils who have access to every experience and opportunity that is on offer to a boarding child. The difference? A day pupil will go home at the end of their day and a boarder will end their day in one of the boarding houses. This genuinely is the only difference between the two.

Day pupils here at Windlesham are encouraged to join in all the extra evening activities on offer and spend time with their peers outside the classroom environment.

The school day begins at 8.00am and children can be dropped off between 8.00am and 8.15am when registration begins in form groups. Forms are comprised of both boarders and day pupils. Day pupils complete their prep in school with the children in their form group.

Once the teaching day is over there are a breadth of paid and unpaid activities and enrichment opportunities on offer for the children ranging from tennis and ballet to Knowledge Night and young Einsteins.

Day pupils are encouraged to join in these activities and supper is available for those staying with arrangement through the Head of Day Pupils.

We have a Head and Assistant Head of Day Pupils who are responsible for the day to day arrangements for the children plus sign out at the end of each day. They are also available throughout the day via email should a child’s arrangements change over the course of that day.

We have day pupils throughout the school and there is no pressure to convert to boarding. Trial boarding is on offer twice a year to those children who are seriously considering conversion to ensure that the process is a smooth one.

We welcome you to come and visit and speak to children who are day pupils as well as key staff responsible for the incredible all round education on offer to all pupils.

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