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About Windlesham

Windlesham is different. We were the first ever prep school, set up in 1837. We were the first to admit girls, in 1967 and are one of the few prep schools not to have a uniform.

Our children are not confined to a playground. They make dens, climb trees and camp in the woods – they are free to choose what they want to do in their break times. We exceed academically and the fact that we send children, many gaining scholarships, to a wide range of Senior Schools, is testament to our quality of teaching.

Whilst we exceed pastorally and academically, innovation is in our DNA and we continue to push the boundaries in our charitable vision.

Windlesham is set in exceptionally beautiful grounds with magnificent buildings and facilities. However, we believe schools are about people and at Windlesham children are at the centre of everything we do. With us, they have time and space to be children, away from the pressures of competition and urban hothousing.

At Windlesham children are encouraged to try a host of extra-curricular activities after the academic day and at weekends, they learn about independence, interdependence and co-operation. Children here are allowed to make mistakes and manage their own risks in a happy, safe, nurturing environment and will learn how to form respectful and affectionate relationships with each other and with adults.

When the time comes to leave Windlesham children do so as confident, curious, clever and above all, kind people who are ready to make a difference in their world.

For details of Windlesham’s Overarching Aims and Goals please click here.

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