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A gift in your will

Legacies provide invaluable and transformational support. Windlesham House School is a charity (The Malden Trust) which means that EITHER your donation will be taken off the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated OR, if you leave more than 10% of your estate to charity, your Inheritance Tax rate would be reduced.

All gifts, of all sizes are appreciated as together they can be transformational. We fully recognise that your loved ones come first but perhaps you would remember Windlesham – for example, just 1% of your estate could make a huge difference.

You may also be able to reduce your inheritance tax. By donating 10% of your Will to charity, your inheritance tax may reduce from 40% to 36% on the taxable part of your ‘estate’. (Gifts to charity are typically deducted from the value of your estate before inheritance tax is calculated.) We recommend you seek independent professional advice to find out more – and it’s helpful to check with HMRC rules on inheritance tax too: https://www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax

Putting your wishes in to words…

Suggested wording for making a provision in your Will for Windlesham House School is provided below. We would always recommend you seek independent professional advice.

“I give to the The Malden Trust, Windlesham House School, London Road, Washington, West Sussex, RH20 4AY (exempt charity number 307046)

The residue of my estate

or     {a percentage} of the residue of my estate

or     the sum of £{amount} free of tax*

or     {specific item}

…for its generable charitable purposes, and I declare that the receipt of a proper officer of the Malden Trust shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors.”

Our promises about gifts in Wills

  1. We absolutely recognise that those closest to you come first in your Will.
  2. We promise not to intrude on your privacy by telephoning you about this way of giving.
  3. We will never ask you the size or type of legacy if you decide to support our work this way.
  4. We will never ask you to tell us your intentions, but if you tell us your intentions we are then able to say thank you, which is nice to do.
  5. We fully understand that personal circumstances change and there might be a time when you must take the Foundation out of your Will.
  6. We promise to use your gift wisely for the benefit of future generations.

If you would like to talk in confidence with a member of our team, then we would be happy to answer any questions. Please contact Suzy Rushforth on development@windlesham.com or +44 (0)1903 874731

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